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Special care babies given handmade blankets

In honour of Mother’s Day Funeral Arranger Kerry Dontay reached out to people she knew who attend a weekly knit and natter group in Leamington Spa to donate some of their lovely work to the special care baby unit at Warwick Hospital. The ladies; Marilyn and Janet were more than happy to put their skills to good use making cardigans and blankets.

The blankets were made in a specific size for the incubators and the some larger ones for parents to take home. The hospital staff at the unit said that some families have very little so the handmade blankets will be very much appreciated and lovely to be able to give to families along with the cardigans and hats.

Kerry said: “I have worked recently with families whose babies have passed early on and so I thought the gesture would be fitting for Mother’s Day. Staff at the unit are hoping we return with more items in the future and all loved the fact that the hand knitting craft is still going strong and their families will benefit.”

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